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Sureshotgps Voice Caddie

Sureshotgps Voice Caddie - Hear the distance. Know the distance

Hear the distance. Know the distance.

Voice Caddie is a smart GPS device that calculates the distance to the centre of the green and tells you at the touch of a button. With Automatic course and hole recognition, Voice Caddie will tell you the hole number and distance to 'left green/right green 00 metres' with just one touch of a button. Depending on the location of the hole on the green you can adjust your settings and manual changes can be made as you play. Even if the ball falls on another hole, Voice Caddie will guide you to your original target.

Sureshotgps Voice Caddie - Preloaded with worldwide maps and no membership fees

Preloaded with worldwide maps and no membership fees

Voice Caddie gives you access to over 30,000 golf courses worldwide. Already preloaded with Australian maps plus thousands of international courses, you can download more courses for free from the Voice Caddie map database. New countries and unfamiliar courses can be challenging, Voice Caddie will be your guide wherever you go.

Sureshotgps Voice Caddie - Intelligent features like Swing Tempo and Putting Practice

Intelligent features like Swing Tempo and Putting Practice

Amateurs often struggle with finding the proper tempo because they think they need to swing much faster than they actually do to generate power and distance. The tempo function allows you to commit to muscle memory a rhythmic swing and putt, helping you hit consistently every time.

Sureshotgps Voice Caddie - Measure your longest drive

Measure your longest drive

Press and hold the button before your shot and again where your ball lands and the Voice Caddie will calculate range of your shot. Every golfer desires a long driving distance and knowing the distance of your shot allows you to fine tune your drives.

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Outstanding Features
One touch operation Tick
Hear the distance to the centre of the green Tick
Auto course and hole recognition Tick
Swing tempo and putting practice Tick
Shot distance measurement Tick
Preloaded with Australian and New Zealand courses Tick
Free access to worldwide map database Tick
Sleek compact design weighing just 24g Tick
Available in metres or yards Tick
9 hours of play time Tick
What's Included
Voice Caddie Tick
User manual Tick
USB cable Tick
Adaptor Tick
Ball marker Tick
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