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Sureshot VCM   SureshotGPS VCMulti

SureshotGPS VCM SureshotGPS VCM

The Little Voice with BIG experience

Let the Sureshotgps VCMulti show and tell you the most accurate distance every time so you can play your best gold game. Smart, small and sports, the VCMulti will be there to guide you time and time again with the clarity of its built-in voice combined with a sunlight readable display.

SureshotGPS VCM SureshotGPS VCM

Wear it anyway to suit your game

Clip it to your hat, belt or bag and with the click of a button the SureshotGPS VCMulti will tell you the distances. Alternatively wear it as a watch, and see the distance at the flick of the wrist.

SureshotGW3 SureshotGW3 SureshotGW3

See the accurate distance

Featuring a sunlight readable screen, the VCM displays distances to the front, centre and back of the green.

SureshotGPS VCM SureshotGPS VCM

Hear the accurate distance

Hear the distances thanks to the clarity of the VCM's built-in voice, on command only. Great when wearings your VCM on a hat or belt.

SureshotGPS VCM

Measure your longest drive

Press and hold the button before your shot, and as you apporach the ball the VCM will calculate the range of your shot. Every golfer desires a long driving distance and knowing the distance of your shot allows you to fine tune your drives.


Everyday Watch Mode

Enjoy your Sureshotgps VCMulti everyday in Time mode so you can ensure you arrive at the course on time. The watch mode is designed to be worn on the sporty soft rubber band included, and is light weight, yet fashionable enough to wear everyday.


Ready to Play Today

The Sureshotgps VCMulti is ready to use straight out of the box, with no setup required. It comes standard with FREE Lifetime membership to the Sureshotgps Worldwide database of courses, so you can play any where any time for the life of the product. Plus 28,000 worldwide courses have been loaded for your convenience.

Easy Recharge

Standard with a reliable Lithium rechargeable battery, enjoy 10 hours battery life with GPS, or 6 weeks as as a regular time watch. To re- charge simply connect the VCM to your laptop/PC or your AC adaptor [not included], using cable provided.

Minimum System Requirements

In order to update courses and software, you must have access to a computer which has the minimum system requirements XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
The VCM is not compatible with MAC systems.

Outstanding Features
Preloaded Australian & New Zealand gold courses Tick
Provides distances to the front, centre and back of the green Tick
Distances displayed on Screen Tick
Distances announced command Tick
Automatic hole advance Tick
Individual shot distance measurement Tick
Backlight for use in all conditions Tick
Two modes: Golf Mode & Time Mode Tick
Lifetime Membership to Sureshotgps worldwide database Tick
Total size 43x43x14mm
Screen size 30x10mm
Rechargable Lithium battery Tick
Available colours White or Black
VCM is not compatible with MAC systems Tick
What's Included
Sureshotgps VCMulti - Black or White Tick
User manual Tick
USB cable Tick
Wrist band - In matching colour to unit Tick
Built in belt clip Tick

Sureshotgps GW3 Watch manual - English version

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Sureshotgps VCMulti

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