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9500X model   Sureshotgps SS9500X

Sureshotgps 9500X - Intelligent Touch

Intelligent Touch

Using an impressive 3"" transflective, sunlight readable screen, control the SS9500X using the Touch screen and zoom in & out for a closer look. Using GPS the SS9500X follows your position on the course, displaying lives dis-tances to hazards and greens or choose your own point to point targets.

Sureshotgps 9500X - Touch and Zoom in Aerial Overview mode

Touch and Zoom in Aerial Overview mode

Using the highly sensitive Touch screen, zoom in to any point on the fairway for your best take on your next great shot. The aerial overview mode allows you to see the hole layout so you can plan your best shot.

Sureshotgps 9500X - View easy to read data in Green & Hazards mode

View easy to read data in Green & Hazards mode

The SS9500X allows you to choose the way you view distances. In this mode, you can see live distances to the Green and infinite hazards in simple data form.

Sureshotgps 9500X - Faster & Longer

Faster & Longer

The new SS9500x is built to last 36 holes and is designed with a faster GPS receiver so you see the most accurate distances without delay. Plus the SS9500x works straight out of the box so you're ready to hit the course faster.

Sureshotgps 9500X - Play your way with customised distances

Play your way with customised distances

Create point to point marks on the fairway and measure distanc-es to unique points.

Sureshotgps 9500X - Know the distance on international courses

Know the distance on international courses

The SS9500X comes preloaded with Australian courses, in both Aerial Over-view mode and Green & Hazards mode. If you are travelling overseas you can now download international maps and view them in Green & Hazards mode. To download maps go to manage courses.

Sureshotgps 9500X - Scoring Function

Scoring Function

Track your score and longest drive each round and compare your success.


All you'll ever need [apart from finding your ball]

Preloaded with Australia's largest & most accurate database of golf courses, so you never have to pay a cent for maps. No annual fees and free lifetime membership to the Sureshotgps Worldwide database is included as standard.

Sureshot 9900X - Features

Outstanding Features
Full colour screen Tick
Sunlight readable screen Tick
Sensitive touch control Tick
3" screen size Tick
Easy to read large numbers Tick
Over 1000 course map capacity Tick
Displays Front, Centre, Back of greens Tick
Displays infinite hazards per hole Tick
Can display an infinite number of points per hole Tick
Automatic hole recognition Tick
Preloaded courses Tick
Automatic course recognition Tick
Hole overview Tick
Zoom in & Zoom out feature Tick
Golfer position on the course displayed Tick
Ability to customise point to point distances Tick
Individual shot measurement Tick
Scoring capabilities Tick
Resettable round time Tick
Applications - Alarm clock, Calculator, Stop watch, Tips Tick
MAC compatible Tick
What's Included
No annual fees Tick
Free membership Tick
Rechargeable lithium battery Tick
Charger Tick
Velcro pouch Tick
Stylus for pin point precision Tick
2 years manufacturers warranty Tick

Sureshotgps SS9500X V1.0 manual - English version

Download the Sureshotgps Brochure

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