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Most Sureshotgps models require registration before use. For those that do not require registration we still highly recommend you do so for warranty purposes and to stay in touch with the latest software updates available.

Choose the model you wish to register:

Sureshot Hero 200x Sureshot Laser PIN LOC 1500 Sureshot Laser PIN LOC 3000IP Sureshot Hero 750x Sureshot Hero 350x Sureshot Hero 150x 9500x Sureshot G1
Sureshot W1 Sureshot Micro 700x Sureshot Micro 300x Sureshot GW2 Watch Sureshotgps VCMulti Sureshot Voice Caddie Sureshot Laser PIN LOC 1000Launch Monitor
Sureshot Micro v3 Sureshot GW1 Watch Micro V2 Micro V2 Preloaded Sureshot GW3 Watch Sureshot Laser PIN LOC 1000

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