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golf course with bunker

Download Courses

Plug in your Sureshotgps, turn the unit ON and click on the link below to begin downloading.

TIP: If this is the first time you have downloaded courses on this computer, you will need to download the Sureanalysis software again. To do this click here to download software. Please note if you have registered today you will not need to download this software again.

Connect Sureshotgps » download courses Download GW1, GW2, Micro V2, Micro V2, 300X & 700X courses

Helpful Tips

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Need to download the latest Sureanalysis Version 3?

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Upload & Manage Player Maps

The Sureshotgps has the unique ability of allowing the golfer to 'map their own course' or 'edit' the Sureshotgps professionally mapped courses to suit your style of play.

These player maps can be saved on the Sureshotgps database and shared between golfers.

To upload a player map to the Sureshotgps database, connect your Sureshotgps and follow the prompts.

Connect Sureshotgps » manage courses

Voice Caddie courses

To download a course onto your Voice Caddie you will need to click here to visit the Voice Caddie course list.

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